About Us


Hello and welcome to Online Camping Supplies. My name  is Frank Cavender, I am the owner, web designer, and an outdoor enthusiast.  I enjoy kayaking and camping as often as I can. I made this site in an effort to help others have a one stop shop for camping gear. We are an Amazon affiliate partner. When you check out, all of our product transactions are securely handled by Amazon. This site does not collect any personal data. We only help you find the camping supplies needed to make your trip a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

I plan to add more products in the near future. We will also be uploading and refreshing our products every couple of months so that we have the newest gear on the internet.

If you have any issues or recommendations, feel free to send me a message on Facebook. I will try my best to help you. And again, thanks for checking us out and have a safe, fun, and enjoyable camping trip. Bye!